Friday, October 16, 2009

young forever

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize to my dear friend, mentor, past chevruta(maybe former) Sarit Horwitz. Yesterday, Sarit texted me telling me that she had checked five times yesterday to see if I had updated my blog. I responded my telling her to not fear, I would update later. While it might say more about the lacking in the social scene in the Chicago neighborhood where Sarit lives that she checked five times yesterday to see if I had blogged, I, nonetheless, feel ashamed that I disappointed this lovely lady. So, Sarit, here’s your apology and I hope this next blog post suffices to fill the giant hole in your heart created by my lack of blogging yesterday.
Yesterday was a fairly mundane day in which I attended my one class(having only one class per day on Tuesdays and Thursdays is what I imagine it must feel like to wake up on Christmas morning, except I get it twice a week! Oh, happy day!) and tutored this delight of a child, Caleb, who is a 9 year old spark plug who loves to learn about Judaism. I, seriously, love this kid. I want to create a little doll version of him and carry him around with me(Creepy? I hope not. I just think this kid’s amazing) However, the dominant part of day was the evil rain that was coming down all day.
I hate rain! I despise, loath, abhor, insert any synonym of those and you can capture my feelings. I’m fairly certain it stems from a childhood in which all three of my older siblings were gone so I loved going outside and playing with neighborhood friends(more likely, playing with myself because all the neighborhood kids were too frum or too busy robbing local convenient stores---basically a microcosm of growing up in U-City). That being said, whenever it rained, I was forced to stay inside. I missed so many little league and high school baseball games because of that damned, God-forsaken, heavenly urine.
I have many dear friends who claim that rain is romantic. What kind of crock of crap is that?! They argue that lying in bed, under the covers, watching a movie while it pours outside makes them feel all warm and cozy. What sort of craziness is this!! Now, I’m all for cuddling in bed, but I’d much rather be outside frolicking in the grass and sunshine. Give me a ball and an open field and occupy myself for hours. I’m especially adept at creating nonsensical games when bored, such as “Foil-Ball,” which my brother and I created by getting aluminum foil, forming a ball, each person on their knees in the den and you have to slap the ball past the opponent and depending on where it lands, you get points. Ah, the fruits of our youth! So young and innocent! I miss those days. Life was so much simpler.
Now, I am still faced with those dreadful pangs of depression that creep in when I first hear those taps on the window. Rain is, in no way, a positive thing. F the Earth! My outdoor time is more precious than it(Yes, I know it’s ironic that I want to enjoy the spoils of mother nature while denying her the rain. Whatever). So, the next time you see the rain, don’t come find me because I’ll probably be locked in my room, curled up into the fetal position while I await the first rays of sunshine to break through my window.
While discussing my rain issues with a friend yesterday, she began singing a song from what I think is the greatest album of all-time. Neutral Milk Hotel . Plain and simple, they are amazing. In the midst of this conversation she begged me not to turn this into a music blog, which I assured her, will not happen. I am not smart enough nor pretentious enough to talk about music like I care that much about it. In fact, I hate those people almost as much as I hate the rain. People who think music is the end all be all and if you listen to some type of pop radio, you are an apostate to good music. So, I say, screw you pretentious music buff. Why don’t you go listen to some more Sufjan Stevens and Rufus Wainright and talk about how they’re the best songwriters of our generation(I’m not quite sure why I picked these two, but I’m sure I’ve heard conceited music lovers discuss their merits before) Nonetheless, I will say this is an album I can always listen to, no matter the time or mood, no matter if I’ve just listen to it before. It is heavenly goodness.
What makes it even better is that it’s all about Anne Frank!!! Everyone knows my love of anything holocaust related. Hell, I’ve been to Poland for the past four summers! I know, I don’t know how I deal either. Anyway, their lead singer just began having dreams about Anne Frank for nights on end and decided they needed to write an album about her. What came out of these dreams? A musical masterpiece, if I say so myself. Check it out. You’ll thank me later.
I’ve decided to insert a new section in each blog post. This happened while walking back from the grocery store today. As mentioned in the first blog post, New York is a crazy place and certain things I see can only happen here. So, with that, I’ve decided to add the crazy the “Only in New York Moment” to my blog. So, today’s “Only in New York Moment”:
A man, walking around in ski gear in the middle of Broadway. We’re talking a big man, about 6’5, 250 LBS with ski pants, ski jacket, ski goggles, ski hat and ski boots. Excuse me sir, could you point me towards the nearest slopes? Well, actually, no my friend because there are no F’ing ski slopes in the MANHATTAN AREA!! What was this guy thinking? What a kook. I chuckled all the way home. Only in New York.
Shabbat Shalom(next post will be about my grocery store fear…excellent!)

P.S. I love women's winter fashion. I know most people prefer the scantily clad ladies of summer, but I saw beautiful women in some knee high boots, a L&V bag, and a striking white coat. I love this look. Women in winter=PureNeeds. Keep it coming, ladies. You all look beautiful.


  1. The purest.

    Also this is a hilarious post. And I completely agree on rain.

  2. On the rain: What if there is thunder and lightening involved? Are you one of those people who like to fall asleep to a thunderstorm? I'm definitely one of them. See ya adir! :)

  3. I am glad our conversation about Neutral Milk Hotel made it into your post. Speaking of which, I still have the entire album playing (on repeat) in my head. It's wonderful.

    Also, regarding Anne Frank...have you seen this:

  4. I apologize to all, as it has been some time since my last post. It has not been a long time on the scale of world time, but it has been in the world of blogging. What a crazy world we live in. I am sitting in one of my major seminar’s watching people walk in late, all dreading the next two hours of inevitable discussion and boredom. As I am writing this I am realizing how sick I am. I apologize for any incoherent babble or ramblings that will occur throughout this post. Please understand that I am seeing sound, hearing images, and seeing a wavy cloud around all that I see. Yea…I’m really sick.

    So no let me address my dear friends previous post. Adir, your ramblings on rain were interesting. For those of you who don’t know this about Adir, he hates the word interesting. Don’t ask me why, but he does. I have given much thought about rain since reading your last post my dear, dear Adir. Side note, the other day Adir was locked out of our room and when I asked ‘who’s there?’ Adir responded with ‘Me, Adir.’ Nice…Anyways, back to my thoughts on rain. I, unlike Adir, do not mind the divine urine that blesses our crops and quenches our thirst. Rain is incredibly essential. It is phenomena like rain that reminds me of our miniscule place in the grandeur cosmos. Shake it off Adir and stop being so self-centered. Think about what rain is and what it does!!!! Stop crying about how rain prevents you from playing sports or frolicking around in the cornfields! Learn to swim. Think about Noah and his ark. Rain and water are some of the most powerful occurrences. Stop complaining about your outdoor shenanigans and man up! Grow a pair and learn to get a little wet!

    That is really all I have to say about rain. So, as I was writing this my professor just called on me to analyze a piece of this weeks reading…I think she knows I’m writing on a blog. Maybe not Adir’s but she definitely knows I am not paying attention. My head is killing me! After this class, I am lucky enough to have the honor of driving to Costco with our beloved blog creator. Adir, you are like the god of the microcosm that is this blog…wow!!! That was deep…think about it.

    So my Microsoft word just underlined the word think from the last statement in green (a grammatical problem). As I re-read the sentence I realized that Microsoft word does not have Hebrew grammar! The think was a tzivuy or command form. I have really hit the point in this blog where I assume nobody will read this far so I am just writing what comes to my mind. I guess this is a great place to end this entry.

    Much love to all…thank you for your get well wishes.

  5. more to come...i just had a cazy adventure with adir to costco...keep reading for stories...

  6. I love the rain, foil ball, and hate that you have given NY credit with your new section
    "only in NY". F.. that.